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Question bleeding the self leveling system

I have a 1999 CL-500 which I'm doing some mods to it. I have changed the suspension on it and put 19 inch Brabus Monoblock V two piece wheels on it. I installed Billestins shocks all around but now would like to reinstall the stock ones back in the rear. The people who did the work to my car plugged the hydrolic lines when they removed the factory shocks. Because the ride hight was lower than stock, the system kept pumping the remainder of the hydrolic fluid out until the reservoir went empty.
My question is, is the pump now damaged since it has been trying to pump all this fluid to keep the ride hight? I disconnected the self leveling hight sensor, but the pump still pumped until out of fluid. I think that it may still be pumpimp if it hasn't burnt out by now! And if there is a way to disconnect the pump, how do I go about doing so for now so as not to cause any further damage?
And if there is anyone out there with the procedure to bleeding the system from scratch, could you please direct me to it.

Thank you much for your help.
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