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Help pleez!

I just emptied my pockets, and a few other pockets(thanx babe) and purchased a black 1992 300se with 128k miles. I live in S.F.california and just drove it up from LA. It's 3AM, so please forgive me mispelling.
1. On inclines/declines as well as bumps(large), the trans would shift out of overdrive. A right bump of the shift column and it would resume normal then mishift again, then a final right nudge and it's fine.??????
2. The speedometer won't pass 40mph and half the speedometer(rightside) lights appear to be out. (faulty speedometer cable?)
3. rear passenger window is ajared an inch. I hear the moter going, but i can't even move it by hand.

Additional info:
bullet proof glass
stage 1 body armor
lowered "LOW!" -but still smoother than my 96 camry
wearing 94 16inch rims/225/60/16'z

the car is gorgeous and i hope to be buried in it. I going to wash with holy water and wait till my insurance broker wakes up.
Any help help would be appreciated. Thanx.
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