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Economy/Recirculate Setting for A/C (190e 2.6)

Hello friends:

I have a quick question regarding the economy/recirculate button that sits directly below the A/C button on the push-button control panel.

When I used to drive GM cars, the A/C had 2 settings --
"MAX" and "Norm". In terms of effiency, MAX was the
best setting -- but I don't really understand why. I think
it was because the A/C system recirculated air that was
already in the car and didn't cool the outside air, which
made the compressor work less.

I'm just curious if this button works the same way as the MAX setting on a GM car. Will the compressor work less if this option is engaged, or is it better to leave it off? How come it only stays on for 30min. at a time?

Thanks very much for your help!

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