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Just a hose, or the entire water pump? [190e 2.6]

1993 190e 2.6

Hello friends.

I've been dealing with a leak for a few weeks now. It's rather strange, and I will list the conditions here:

1. I noticed a "damp spot" under the car, directly below where the water pump housing sits about 2 weeks ago.

2. After further watching, I notice that the spot appears quite a bit later, after I have parked. I drove yesterday for about 30min. round trip and parked back in the garage when I returned home. I check the car 2 hours later and it was dry underneath. When I checked it this morning, I noticed the small damp spot.

3. I had the head gasket replaced about 3 weeks ago. I don't think that the water pump assembly was touched when the work was done.

Do you think that it might just be a bad hose, or would you think that it would be the entire water pump unit that is beginning to go bad? I'm not noticing any strange or unusual noises from under the hood, suggesting a failure.

About how much would I expect to pay at the dealorship for a water pump if that is indeed what it is?

Thank you for your help,
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