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Here is the TSB, sorry, the tables that list the oil and refrigerent fill quantities got cut out

REF. NO. 83/85


DATE: June 1996


This Service Information has been divided into the following sections:

A. General Repair Notes regarding the Replacement of the A/C Compressor

B. Repair Notes regarding A/C Compressor Model 7SB16, Model 210 and Model 202 as of 09/95

C. A/C Compressor Oil Fill Quantities

D. R134a Refrigerant Fill Quantities

A. General Repair Notes Regarding the Replacement of the A/C Compressor

^ When replacing the A/C compressor (due to seizure), the low and high pressure lines at the A/C compressor along with the A/C expansion valve must be replaced as well, thereby preventing any subsequent damage to the A/C system.

Note: Repeat failures may result in warranty claim debits after warranty parts testing.

^ Check condition of the compressor poly-V-belt or V-belt for overall wear and burn spots. Replace belt, if necessary.

^ Replace the A/C receiver-drier whenever any part of the A/C system has been opened for repair.

^ On principle, replace all O-rings and lightly coat them with A/C compressor oil before installing them.

^ Since A/C compressor oil is hygroscopic in nature (absorbs moisture from atmosphere), perform all repairs on the A/C system in a timely manner and cap all openings.

B. Repair Notes regarding A/C Compressor Model 7SB16, Model 210 and Model 202 as of 09/95

Drain the A/C compressor oil individually from both the removed A/C compressor and new replacement A/C compressor by removing the fill plug (arrow, Figure 1) and rotating the A/C compressor by hand. Keep the two drained A/C compressor oils separate. Measure the amount of oil drained from the removed A/C compressor (Figure 2), add 20 cm3 to the measured quantity and fill new replacement A/C compressor with clean A/C compressor oil, using the above-determined total oil quantity.

IMPORTANT! Use only clean, fresh A/C compressor oil. The previously drained oil from the new replacement A/C compressor may be reused.

C. A/C Compressor Oil Fill Quantity

Additional A/C compressor oil fill quantity when replacing A/C system components

D. R134a Refrigerant Fill Quantities

Please review Job No.8312.2 in Maintenance Manual, Volume 3, Supplement 4, 04/96 for current R13Aa refrigerant fill capacities.
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