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This is what David C Klasse worked out for his 95 C280, and it seems to be the same for my 98 C230, so maybe it works for you:

With ignition in on position, turn climate controls on, then press and hold REST for 5 or so seconds, or until you see an 01 flash then another number will flash (inside temp), then back to one, use the arrow up (defrost) and arrow down (feet) to scroll up and down through the codes.

1. In-car termperature sensor (with aspirator blower)
2. Outside temperature sensor
3. Heater core temperature sensor
5. Evaporator temperature sensor
6. ECT sensor (Coolant temp.), e.g. 12*5 = 125C
7. Refrigerant pressure in bar, e.g. 12*8 = 12.8 bar
8. Blower control voltage, e.g. 16*5 = 1.65 volts
9. Software status of A/C pushbutton control module
15. Selected in-car temperature
20. Version code
21. Engine Speed (RPM), e.g. 6*0 = 600 rpm
22. Terminal 58d (Bat. Volt.), e.g. 99.0 = 99% of voltage
23. Vehicle speed (Kilometers Per Hour)
50. Not used 00
51. Number of current slip recognition (poly-V-belt)
52. Number of stored slip recognitions (poly-V-belt)

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