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Unhappy I think my sunroof is posessed

Hi all,
This is probably a pretty easy question, but here goes.
I have an '84 500SEL, I went to open the sunroof today, it opens just fine, however it doesn't seem to want to close. It's the solid type that retracts into the roof rather than opening up (I hope I described that right). After fiddling with the switch for a few minutes I got it to close. However when pressing the switch other times I get nothing, no dimming of lights etc. This seems to tell me that it's a switch contact that's dirty or something similar. how difficult is it to remove and clean or even replace, they don't seem to be too expensive so that may be a better route to go. Also, what should I use and how should I go about greasing the rails etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Mike Hudson
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