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Climate Control Settings

Hello All,

I have the original owner's manual for my car and have read all about the Climate Control system, but every time I read it, I discover something new. Mine is a 123 so some things could have changed with other models, but the ONLY way I get recirculated air is with the Temp. Wheel. (also will overide some other settings) None of my buttons have anything to do with recirculating the air in the cabin. When any buttons are engaged I get outside air. Quoting from the manual:

The interior temperature can be adjusted infinitely by turning the temperature selector wheel...

To overide the automatic climate control, turn the temp selector wheel to either MAX OR MIN.

MIN (notched in) = Peak cooling performance, whereby 80% of the air is recirculated and 20% of outside air is introduced. If the blower control is set to "AUTOM", it will run continuously in speed No. 5.

MAX (notched in) = Maximum heating performance. If the blower control is set to "AUTOM", it will run continuously in speed No. 5.

Blower Settings (fan buttons)

Push upper button for maximum air supply (6th blower speed)
Push lower button for minimum air supply (1st blower speed)
Push middle button (spring loaded) for automatic control of air supply within 2nd through 5th blower speed range.

DEFROST button = Always maximum air supply (overiding any other settings of buttons)

OFF = air supply to the interior of the car is shut off (in case of bad odor or automatic car wash)

EC (ECONOMY) = the air conditioning compressor stays off. In any other setting, the AC compressor comes on with ambient temps above +2C/36F. We recommend this setting to be used with cool outside temps so that the AC Compressor stays off in order to save fuel. In the heating mode, warm air will mainly be channeled to the leg room. Only an amount of air sufficient to prevent fog build-up under normal climatic conditions will be channeled to the windshield and the movable nozzles. With cold outside temperatures, the fresh air supply and the blower remain turned off until the engine coolant has wormed up slightly. [this is the setting I use for heat]

NORMAL setting [next button to the left] = same as EC but in addition, the air is being cooled or preheated as necessary [compressor on]

BI-LEVEL [next left button] This setting is necessary for clearing a fogged windshield. As soon as possible reset to EC or NORMAL. In the heating mode [temp wheel in red] air will be channeled to the windshield, the leg room and to the outside movable nozzles. Air will be emitted from the inside movable nozzles at times.

DEFROSTING = Independent of the position of the temp wheel and the blower speed setting, optimally heated air will be channeled to the windshield and the outside movable nozzles.

Important! To ensure proper operation of the automatic climate control system, engage button NORM and BI-LEVEL at least once a month for a short period when the outside timp is above +2C/36F

I got long winded, but hope this helps.
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