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i'm having a problem with the sunroof on my 16v. i did a search and found this thread which helped me take my sunroof apart. but, i still can't find the problem. my cable clip is okay, still holding onto the cable fine. the switch and motor are working fine. the symptom is that the sunroof only opens and closes about 20mm. the motor moves that far and then it stops like something is jamming, preventing further movement. i have the metal sunroof off and can see that it's not the tracks that are causing a problem. the cable seems to move okay through the housing. i think the problem is the gearbox that actually moves the cable. the plastic nut on the side of the gearbox was stipped when i looked at it and it wouldn't turn at all. i managed to break it completely trying free it up. so, now i've got the motor disconnected from the mounting bracket and the cover off the gearbox. i can't figure out how to get the gear out of the box to check and see if any of the teeth are broken, or if anything else is broken, causing the jam. so, what should i do now? any help will be appreciated.

86' 190e 2.3L 16v
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