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Originally Posted by strelnik View Post
I got the data card on my 380SL and it did not include info on seats and trim, instead it had a notation that the seats were "not standard order"

Well, they are worn out by now or have been replaced, because they look like blue leather standard MB seats for SLs.

That's my question: which seat frame sizes fit in the R 107 SL? Should I be looking for other R 107 seats and frames? Or should I be looking for other SL seats and frames?

The seats and material on these are in a lot worse shape than when I initially looked at them. Replacement is an option.

I talked to Eddy the parts guy at one local MB dealership that treats me well. He has noticed several 107 SLs coming in lately, all with custom seats, one with Recaro seats.

These have to have been done at the dealer, right?

Which makes me wonder about the notation on the datacard....


Best info I have is that for a direct bolt in, seats will need to be from a 107.

OTOH, aftermarket seats were installed by AMG back in the day, and can still be bought and installed now. Here's a link to a thread by a gentleman who just bought a set and is installing in his SL.

I'd guess the dealer would be the last place to look for aftermarket seats. I do know there are several seat suppliers out there.
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