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'92 300 E - No Instrument Cluster Warning Lights at Startup

1992 300 E, 125K miles - had voltage regulator replaced recently as part of preventive maintenance (brushes on existing regulator were worn).

Several days later vehicle failed to start, apparently due to low battery charge. Prior to no-start condition, vehicle exhibited symptoms of low battery voltage - ABS, SRS warning lights illuminating while running, poor performance and stalling.

Cleaned battery terminals and + cable clamp; replaced negative battery cable, due to excessive amount of corrosion present. Corrected battery electrolyte level, recharged battery and had battery (approx. 9 months old) checked at dealer. Battery tested as good.

Now, with recharged battery installed, only SRS and ABS instrument cluster lights illuminate at startup and the ABS only for less than a second before extinguishing. All bulbs check out as good.

Suspect the battery is not being charged and obviously need to check alternator output. Battery warning light does not illuminate with the engine running.

In the interim, is there anything else to check that might account for the lack of instrument cluster warning lights at startup, despite having a fully charged battery on board?
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