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I believe you're in the Dallas, Tx. area. I "think" you're ok. Austin, Tx(tree-hugger colony) will not allow R-12 sales with only a 609, at least that's the way it was a few yrs. ago.

Wisconsin won't allow R-12 sales in 12 oz. cans according to what I read the other day. It wasn't stated as such, but it sounds as though you could buy the 30 lb. cyls. They're now going for around $750-$800. I suppose the thinking here is how many diyers are going to unload that kind of $$$.

Many parts of southern Calif. also have additional restrictions. Some areas, though not many, will not allow the sales of R-134a over the counter to diyers. It's been determined that R-134a is harmful to the environment as some say.

The $15 Auto Zone R-12 came up the other day. I ended up calling every one where I live and none had it. Most all of the AZ employees I talked with over the phone said Auto Zone would no longer sell R-12, but that's where I live. Perhaps AZs in other areas have it for $15.

I just got done searching the WEB and found one place that sells 12 can cases of R-12 for $288. That's $24 a can + some sort of shipping fee. I've bought refrigerant over the WEB B4 and as you say, all it required was a faxed copy of a drivers lic. and 609. I suspect people living in areas with additonal restrictions would be disallowed web purchasing capabilities??

I may grab a case of this $24 a can juice. Local prices are $28-$36 a can and I plan on keeping my old R-12 cars for many yrs. to come.

A local shop owner told me the other day that around the yr. 2006, Carbon Dioxide would replace R-134a. Things keep getting more & more interesting by the day.

Have a good one.
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