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Thanks for the GREAT response Nello! You have a 300e,
right? I think you have more fancy buttons on your
AC/heating system than I do. I have the following:

1. The turn nob which has the notches.

2. 3 buttons
*A/C button (that turns it on)
*Economy button

3. I think I only have 4 fan speeds.

I keep hearing all of these horror stories with the A/C compressors on these cars, and it is my thinking that if I engage the compressor less, then it might not die on me!! Wishful thinking?

I also received MUCH better gas mileage on my GM car when I had the A/C engaged in MAX mode. I really don't use the A/C all that much on the Merc, but it's interesting to see if this helps at all.

BTW: Does anyone have any experience with water pumps? In my other post, someone said that it would be SIX hours of labor to replace the water pump. Then I read other posts that said if you pay more than like $350, you got HOSED! What do you all think??
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