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Fuel Pump Relay

Mr. CSnow et al:

Thanks for your help on everything. After going through this, I finally reasoned that the rebuilt relay that was listed had 9 pinouts while the new one had 10 - which indicated that the extra pin was a diagnstic function and would not change the operation significantly. I interchanged the relays without incident and the result was the same - the relay could be heard clicking and the fuel pump would run when the ignition was turned "on". The car tried to start when the 10 pin relay was removed and the 9 pin relay was installed. However, it sounded like there was water in the fuel line and the engine quickly sputtered to a halt.

I had the car towed to the shop this morning and will have the fuel filter changed and any other problems will be identified. I would still like to know what function the extra pin (87H) provides if you find out.


Marvin Smith
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