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My cat is almost dead.... need help....

Hey everybody. Here is the deal, the cat in my car has been making very loud growling noises for the past year, and now its gotten to the point that the cat makes this sound no matter whats happening. Not only is it rather annoying, but I equate the cat to my +10 second 0-60 times. Now, considering it has to go, what are my options? I don't want to pay 900 bucks for a mercedes cat, and if im changing it out, id like to get a free flowing performance cat. I found some flowmaster cats for like $200, but I don't know how they would fit. So, any suggestions? If possible, id like it to bolt up pretty similar, but I think that the front end of the cat has to be welded (it is on my car anyway) so ill prolly end up taking it to a muffler shop so even if the new cat isn't a perfect fit it shouldn't matter. Thanks for your help!
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