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There should be +12V on each of the "supply" rails of the fuse box (down the center if I remember correctly). Take a voltmeter or test light, make sure you have one lead on a GOOD ground (bare chassis metal, tight body screw, no paint) and check with the other lead / probe. If you don't have 12V on one side, you need to find out where you are losing it. The older fuses are notorious for having a corrosion problem which 'opens' the circuit.

Because I've been an electronics tech for so long, I'm a strong advocate of purchasing and learning how to use a multimeter. They aren't necessarily that expensive, and can tell you a lot. There are online tutorials that will help you learn how to use them. But sometimes the $2.95 ElCheapo Industries (tm) test light can be just as useful.

Good luck

One of these days, I'm going to finish that Automotive Electrical Troubleshooting tutorial.

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