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Help confirm possible OVP failure on 89 300E

Just about to roll over 140K. I have a very lumpy idle, but anything off idle it purrs and pulls strongly. In addition, I have a sporadic ABS warning light. I replaced the plugs with copper cores as PO had used platinum. Wires, rotor and cap replaced 9K miles ago. Other than the poor idle, there are no other drivability issues.

I pulled the OVP and visually inspected, it has a single 10a fuse on top which is intact. I sprayed the socket and terminals with electrical contact cleaner with no change in condition, in fact the ABS light is more frequent after I cleaned the connections.

Sounds like a likely culprit. Overall the car is in excellent condition and runs very well. If not the OVP, I think possible fuel filter, pump, accumulator or maybe the ICV?



PS, I have the single fuse relay now, can I put the double fuse relay in as a replacement? It is part #2015403745
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