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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
However, the center vent pod, a single pod that is buried just above the CCU to the right side, is very difficult to access. Be absolutely sure that this pod will not hold vacuum prior to attempting to remove it.

It is possible to untwist it and remove it from that position, but you need very strong fingers or some type of tool to grip the pod.

Others have done it without removal of the dash, but it's not easy.
Question for Brian and any who've had experience replacing the center vent pod. I'm replacing my leaky defroster, leg vent, and 2 main flap pods (behind glove box), and I figure if those have all failed it's only a matter of time until the center flap pod bites the dust.

Is the main obstruction accessing the vacuum pod the dash or the center console? The reason I ask is that I'm replacing the center console in my car soon, and was wondering if that will give me good access. If it does, I'd like to do it while I have everything open. If not, how much trouble is dash removal if I already have the center console out?

Thanks in advance.

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