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Possible continued problems with the OVP

If the substitute OVP continues to work, fine, however I had a new OVP relay replacement that started giving the same idle and ABS light symptoms after a few weeks with the new OVP. Eventually I found the the contacts in the OVP socket were loose. When I pulled the relay and replaced it, all would be well for a week or two then the symptoms would return.

I decided that the relay was subject to shaking and vibration which, over time, would loosen the relay in its socket and give intermittant contact. I fixed the problem by:

1. remove battery to give room to work
2. unbolt the relay assembly to allow access to the underside where the wires are connected to the relay socket contacts.
3. clean the OVP contacts with spray cleaner
4. install the OVP relay, turn the relay assembly over, push each contact on the socket firmly onto the relay pins using a small pick or screwdriver.
5. loop a Zip-tie through the relay assembly and around the OVP, pulling it tight so the relay is firmly held. Now it won't vibrate loose.
6. reinstall the relay assembly and battery and you're good to go.
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