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still having sunroof problems

i've already taken everything apart i can get to so far. the headliner and the sheetmetal roof itself are off. the roof appears to slide fine along the tracks. the clip that connects the crossmember (in the roof) to the cable is fine. the dash switch and motor seem to work fine. i think the problem is the cable is damaged. how do it remove the motor and gearbox from the cablle guide? i want to be able to isolate the cable to be certain that it's not the gearbox. i already took off the cover to the gearbox but can't find out how to remove the gear itself, so i can remove the cable. the symptom is that the roof only moves about 20mm when i try to open and close it with the dash switch. when i tried to use the plastic emergency nut in the trunk to move the sunroof, it wouldn't turn and i ended up breaking the nut, as it was already cracked and worn.

any help will be appreciated.

86' 190e 2.3L 16v
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