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Transmission Questions and a Big Thanks

I'll start with the thanks to all on this board. I've been able to gather much needed information in getting my SD back in order.

After what was originally a suspect valve body, I replaced the transmission with a used unit in working order, with the intention of rebuilding the one that I pulled from the car. Understanding that the transmission I've recently put in, isn't brand new it functions well despite these two questions.

I like to think that my search skills are adept, but perhaps I'm missing the information that I need.

Here are some questions:

1) Once the car is warm I'm getting what i believe to be "flare" between 1 and 2.

2) I also believe that I'm not getting into 4th gear and that I'm cruising in 3rd. What should RPM be at certain speeds in an 83 300sd? What is the RPM at 60 mph in 4th gear?

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