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WARNING! R12 Thieves at Large!

A lady that I work with took her Honda to the Speedy Lube that she has used for oil changes for many years. Her husband kept telling her that her air conditioner was not cooling as well as it could. She thought it was okay, but succumbed and asked the Speedy Lube to check her air conditioner. It was cooling fine when she drove it in.

They took it to the back, hooked up their machine and came back to tell her that the system was empty. She insisted that this was impossible because it was cooling when she drove in. She smelled a rat and refused to pay them $100 or so to put freon(her freon) back in the car.

That was last Thursday. Today I brought my vacuum pump, guages and R12. At lunch I hooked up my guages and the system had about a 22 in. Hg. vacuum on it. That was after the loss of vacuum from hooking up the guages.

It is quite clear to me that they basically stole her freon. It absolutely does not leak out and draw a vacuum on itself.

There are thieves out there. Beware!

Have a great day,
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