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Cracked block or blown freeze plug?!?

So i took my car in for some work because it seemed that the water pump was leaking coolant. Well after my mechanic got thru with it he called me saying, He couldn't find the leak, and that it's comming from under the pump area but he just couldn't get to it with out takin off the pump, condesser, all the crap on the right side... So he basically said, Sorry Mr. Hunter but u could have a cracked block, BUT the good news is that it could just be a freeze plug. So after all the trouble with the car i just laughed, and told him i'd take it to a Mercedes Specialist and see what they say... Does anyone here really think it could be a cracked block, it has over heated a few times but nothing too bad. It would be music to my ears if it was just a freeze plug.

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