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Originally Posted by Mazootpusher View Post
Well you know the basics I'm sure, just you are a little fed-up with this vehicle right now.
your thoughts are all over. Grab your vacuum Gage, and start by checking the main vacuum line
to see what kind of vacuum your pulling, it could be a bad vacuum pump check valve,for a start ?
That brings up another question that I never really thought of until now. The vacuum for the transmission transducer comes right off the main line before the check valve. Everything else comes off the main line after the check valve. Is this right? It looks right by the vacuum diagram, but I have removed some things (EGR and ARV).

Also, what should vacuum be off the main line before the check valve? 20 in.HG? More or Less?

Edit: OK... I just went through the entire vacuum diagram. According to what I read, the vacuum transducer for the transmission should in fact receive vacuum after the check valve and all of the accessories should receive vacuum from the main line BEFORE the check valve. So, it is backwards. But, it has worked fine since I have owned the car. The PO replaced a lot of vacuum tubing under the hood and probably screwed it up. I should have checked it all when I removed the EGR/ARV lines. Still it worked before. So something is still wrong. I'm going to do some more troubleshooting in the AM.

1985 300D (SOLD)

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