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Originally Posted by Jeremy5848 View Post
At least 20" Hg and could easily be 25" Hg with a good pump and no leaks. You can also check the vacuum shutoff on the IP using a Mityvac to make sure the shutoff is working. It has a diaphragm that can leak/rupture.

Thanks. I was not sure of those #'s. I did not check the shut off valve (duh). I should have checked that first. I forgot in my panic.

I switched those 2 lines around on the main line and went for a drive (could not wait till morning). I ran the defrost, the heat, cycled the locks about 20 times and shut if off with the heat on and it shut right off? I did it several times and it shut right off. No problems with the brakes and no oil in the lines either?

I don't know. I'll do some closer looking in the daytime.

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