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Type of ATF for '96 W210 4-speed auto?

A few years ago, I changed the ATF and filter in my '96 E320 by removing the pan and replacing the filter and gasket. That allowed me to replace about 3.5 quarts of ATF, for which I used Mercedes fluid purchased at the dealer. I have since learned (from this board) that I should have drained the converter as well, and I intend to do that this time. When I tried to buy more fluid from MB, they tried to sell me the $20 per quart synthetic stuff, which I'm sure is for the new 5-speed "sealed" units. When I questioned their choice, they responded that this is what they use for Mercedes, but I could use Dexron 3 in my older tranny. Is that true? Do you think I'll be able to find the MB stuff anywhere? I have a few quarts of this and would prefer to replace the MB fluid with MB fluid. I apologize in advance for what may be a naive or obvious question to the regulars here, but I'm stumped and the dealer is of no help. Thanks!
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