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Ok when you have no spark do you get the voltage at the posotive side of coil with key on? If not then ck for bad connection or fuse problem. Do you have pulse at the negative side of the coil? If not then I would find someone with a lab scope and ck the pickup sensor at the flywheel ( little green wire going to EZl) Replaced many of these. Only times I have ever replaced an EZl is from a car wrecked in the drivers fender. You can also do a resistance test on the pickup sensor with an ohm meter . I dont have spec offhand. If you have pulse at the coil and voltage with the key on then see if you are getting any spark from coil.If not throw a coil on it , if you are see if you loose it at the cap.Just cause it looks good doesnt mean it is.Suspect everything during diagnosis.
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