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On my "old" 911 the factory manual calls for "being able to move the washer under the axel clamp". The idea being one is to tighten the axel clamp until is just stops, using a screwdriver gently back off the axel clamp until the washer underneath is free to move.

I usually do it the other way: Tighten until the underlying will no longer move. Never had a problem.

How about a quick Nit Wit Story? Years ago in a shop there was a young and very inexperienced tech who had just cleaned wheel bearings and then was blowing them dry with compressed air.

He got the bearings spinning really fast and they made an incredible turbine noise. Also so fast they disintegrated the bearing case and exploded all over the shop. Took out two windows and dented two cars. Remarkably he wasn't touched in his glee of watching and listening to the spinning bearings.

Lesson: Don't spin bearings with compressed air. Use it to clean and dry them only.

OK, the Nit Wit was me ....
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