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93 300e 2.8 antifreeze overflow question?

I have a 1993 300, I have searched the forums and possibly found a answer but i have some doubts

3 days ago i noticed my water temp climbing a bit higher than normal, i stopped a a station and saw my water level was low on the overflow tank so i topped off , temps never rose to danger levels so i figured i would just keep a eye on it , today i checked again before i left this morning and added some more water seeing it was low again , thinking i might need a water pump i was searching around the hush panel under the motor for any signs of water , looked damp but we have alot of rain lately here in florida, after driving about 35 minutes on the highway this afternoon watching the tempature gauge it never moved past normal, after parking i heard the gugling of water comming out of the overflow and exiting near the rf tire, and the top radiator hose was soft no pressure but still gurgling out the overflow.

no noticeable water in engine and trans oil , so im thinking water pump , but after reading through the posts im thinking radiator cap , after seeing no temp rise on gauge , its just bothering me that with water boiling in the overflow tank and the top hose soft no pressure , shouldnt the engine temp be hotter? and shouldnt the hose be hard with pressure , at least a little?

thank you for your answers in advance , and benzmatic , monday i will be ordering a new shock for the tensioner causei hear it rattlein and i can move it with my hand on the top bolt . looks like the bushing is gone , any tips on install?

john v
1985 190 2.3
1993 300e 2.8
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