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Wow! this topic still exists. All I can say it will make a small but noticeable difference in temp changing. Depending how you mix it but, don't expect it to do miracle cures.

As for corrosion it does not really have any properties for that. You have to buy a separate product that comes in pink crystal form for anti-corrosion and mixing it with water wetter for people who like no coolant just, water wetter, redline crystals, and water. It is available from Redline I think still. If you are using coolant, water, and water wetter. The anti-corrosion will be from your coolant not, the Water Wetter itself.

The result is a little difference but, thermoswitch upgrade would probably be much better way to go. Read it somewhere from someone on this Forum but, it only applies to certain specific models of MBs

BTW, I stopped using Redline Water Wetter , Redline Anti-Corrosion crystals,Water Wetter, and distilled water corroded my radiator on a different car..

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