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Well the bad news hit today,went out this morning to grab a new cap 4 buck investment , put it on , no luck still had no pressure in the upper hose , so took the panel under the motor off and saw the dreaded drip comming down from the ac compresser of anti freeze , bad water pump , stopped by ole klaus he says monday he will give me a price but looking at 500 minumum , oh well , im a pretty good diy'er but it looks to me like a nightmare job , so might have to leave it up to the pros

thank you for the replys , jsmith im here in florida where the temps run pretty high my needle usually sits between 80 and the next mark up 90 or 100c ? i know if theres a problem if i rise above that next mark for any significant amount of time , also i like the rear badgeing on your pic i have done the same with mine , only problem is that i still have the orig wheels and not the 5 holers so any true benz enthusiast can see the fraud for sure LOL

well all please comment on what you think a fair price for the job is and if im in the ball park
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