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Question w124 diesel A/C problem

Here's my problem. I replaced a leaky ac hose on my 1987 300d and decided to switch over to r134. I put 1 can of 134 in and the compressor turned on. I then added the oil, and 1 more can of 134 and the compressor would keep cycling on and off. I had a friend of mine evacuate the system & check the amount of 134 in the system. However, the compressor will no longer come on. I when through the troubleshooting steps from the shop cd rom and checked the voltage on the poles from the Klima relay. When I jumped circuits 5 & 7 the compressor came on, but the air didn't blow cold in the car. I replaced the relay as the manual said, but that didn't work either. A friend of mine at the dealer said I should replace the rec. dryer since the r12 & r134 could possibly gel and clog it up, explaining why I didn't get cold air inside the car. I still don't understand why the compressor isn't coming on though. Any ideas would really help out.
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