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450SL 1978 after being parked for 3 years

Hi everyone, I have a 450SL 1978 with only original 44000 miles on it, I am the second owner, I bought it 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. I own my own business and I got so busy that I parked it for over three years, I started it every two weeks and let it run for about 15 minutes. lately, I noticed that it has been running too rich ( from the smell, very strong ), I also noticed that the pipe right before the rear muffler had a hole of a bout 4 inch long by 1/10 th of an inch. I bought the muffler and put it on and it atill smells too righ with the same strong smell. It doesn't smoke and it starts right up first time ebery time. it stumbles for about 5 secondes right after starting and then it smoothes out. It runs high RPM till it warms up then it idles down smooth. This SL is the cleanest most original SL I've seen and I want to keep it original and running top notch. It still have the original Becker with the mechanical search tuning and the A/C is still R12 and everything works perfect. Any ideas where to start on the rich running condition. Also, although it's very low miles, I'm getting worried about the chain rail guides so I started to order new ones but I found several on the parts websites, I also found guides for the bottim by the carnk. I was thinking it has the rails only in cylinder heads but it turned out I was wrong. When I researched on this forum, everyone talks about changing the top rails but nothing about the bottom ones. Any advice or part numbers for the rails would really be appreciated. Thanks.
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