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Well, I took the valve covers off and the timing marks on both cams when set to 0, the timing mark on the crank is dead on o. The chain don't have any slack, the reason I took the valve covers off is to check the guide rails, the rails are intact and not broke at all but they are discolored. I ordered the rails, plastic oil tube clips, 2 valve cover gaskets and the copper washers for the valve cover hold down bolts. I ran it today for about 15 minutes and went into a little ride for about 36 miles and when I got back, I left it running and the rich smell almost gone, I guess it's the old fuel, I put a fuel cleaner that I got from the dealer and I will try to use most of the old gas with the cleaner and then refuel it and hopefully that will help. I'll take some pictures and post it soon.
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