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Thanks Guys!

Purchased the injectors and seals from Performance Products (~$24.50 per injector, $0.99 per seal -- less 15% Father's Day discount ). Just tonight I scoped out the effort. Noticed the cylinder 1 and 3 tubes run smack-dab over each socket head screw that holds the "injector retaining plates". My 5mm allen key is just long enough to NOT fit under the tubes. I'm either gonna order a 5mm ball socket, or grind my allen key down. Also, looks like I might have to hold the injector nozzle while undoing the fuel tube. Thanks again for the insight.

One other thing -- do I need to worry about residual fuel spewing out of the tubes when removed? Maybe a dumb question (since the fuel pump won't be on), but the only dumb question is the one not asked.

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