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88 560sl - what do you think?

My other half has found an 88 560SL with 86K and all service records since it had about 35K miles. Many items have been addressed (mono valve, leaking rear shocks, radiator, steering shock/damper, water pump, fuel pump, reseal of trans gasket etc, stalling problem fixed caused by a short with starter are all that I can remember). The exterior and interior are in great condition. We plan to have a PPI, but before doing so thought it would be good to get some input from the SL folks on here! They are asking $14,800. From reading the forums these cars appear to be fairly reliable. Some questions I have are:
1) what do you think about the price? - it is at a Cadillac dealer
2) we plan to use it as a fair weather daily driver (less than 5-7K miles a year) - looks like they are reliable enough to do that - do you agree?
3) anything else we need to know/think about?

p.s. the current daily driver is a 1990 LS400 with 215K on it, that has served us well for 16 years and understand the risks associated with using older cars as a driver. We also have 2 other newer cars to use if the SL has an issue or the weather is bad (snow etc).

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