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Originally Posted by cvgbenzlover View Post
1) what do you think about the price? - it is at a Cadillac dealer
2) we plan to use it as a fair weather daily driver (less than 5-7K miles a year) - looks like they are reliable enough to do that - do you agree?
3) anything else we need to know/think about?

1. Cadillac dealer probably making a bundle of $$$ on it if it was a trade-in. I think 13k would be a very fair offer.

2. Probably reliable enough, but do expect to spend some money for minor things. Their will always be something. Make sure the climate control and all the air ducts work as they are suppose to.

3. Put it on a lift and inspect the whole undercarriage. Look at the exhaust system, check for fluid leaks, and of course any rust.
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