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thank you for the replys

I have taken a better look at it and have a few questions , i see easy access to 3 of the 4 allens that hold the assy, on the 4th i am curious on how to get the access , is removing the shock tensioner as euro said? also the metal pipe the extends across the front of the engine , does that pull out of does it come out with the pump , the pump seems to have room to lift straight up and out after the belt and hoses and sensor connector removal .without even removing the pully. am i correct in this?

gonna give fastlane a call on monday to order the shock tensioner which i know i need anyway cause at idle in drive i hear it rattle away then when i put some pressure on it with a wooden dowel it goes right away i would like to see if they have a cd or book version of the shop manual for this car ,

thanks for any info you can give me on this replacement , i am seeing now that this looks much easier then the water pump i did on my ex's 1986 300e a few years back it looks like a completely different unit and that job was a tuff one.

re: have fully searched and read benzmacs posts about the tool i need , since i have no distribitor in this car as the older ones do maybe that is why i am thinking the configuration is different than the 86 i did a few years ago

1985 190 2.3
1993 300e 2.8

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