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OK everyone. Here is the deal..
Pulled coil out of car and tested on bench. Gives a Shocking GOOD spark. Put back in car, no spark when attached to the factory wiring. Got another EZL ($300.00) and put it in..No spark. So, I know it's not the coil or the EZL. Checked the schematics on the engine wiring and found that the only other part that works with the EZL and the coil is the Crankshaft Sensor, which is by the oil filter housing.
Turned car over while attaching a volt meter to the crankshaft sensor and got no readings. Pulled the sensor off, used the meter again, and got a reading that was way under the tolerance according to the CD. Replaced the sensor, and car turned on with no problems. No hard start..nothing. Turned on the dime.
So, I have continued to turn it on for the past week, everyday, and it goes.
Apparently, the sensor triggers the EZL, which in turn sends a signal/voltage to the coil to fire a spark.

I appreciate evryones help on this issue. This is one of the reasons I enjoy this forum. The crankshaft sensor cost me $85.00 online.
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