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the daily drive

Coincidence Rules!

I bought an 88 560SL with 86k miles two years ago. I now have almost 107000 on it. A literal daily driver. Superb car.

Repairs have been:

Timing chain upper guides and tensioner slipper. Chain inspected at that time and not replaced since unstretched and in good shape. Cam oiler clips at that time also.
Installed monovalve repair kit.
Replaced engine temperature sensor.
Tie rod ends
R&R one head for oil leak
Fixed a couple of vacuum leaks
Everything else (belts, hoses, etc.) considered normal maintenance.
It has been dead reliable, fast and fun. You will love it. But ... from reading other posters, I don't think they take inaction well. Drive it as much as you can.

IRT cost; I believe an above average car is worth paying a premium for. Just make sure it is an above average car. Your maintenance records are a big confidence builder. Some years ago, I paid $10k for a 123 that booked at $7500 and was never sorry that I did. I wish I still had it.
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