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Well, David, that is a tough one! If it is just carpeting, you might try World Upholstery at . But I suspect there are other issues.

The rubber undermats under the carpets conceal all kinds of ductwork, wiring, electronic modules, relays, etc. These can be a potential problem. Are all the electric goodies OK, or do they just look OK and work now, but have potential for future corrosion inside. The cost of electricals can mount up fast. (The dealer is going to be real expensive on stuff. Fastlane or PartsShop is going to give you lots better prices).

The second issue is mold: If the seats are leather and got wet, mold will be an issue in the seats as well (and in the under-carpet AC heater ducts, jute backing material, seat padding/horsehair, Door panels, kick panels, etc.) The mold never goes away.

An insurance settlement is now - any electrical problems from corrosion that shows up next year, or problems with mold or odor in 6 months, these are going to be tough to get reimbursed, especially if you already took the check. Maybe ask a few car restoration facilities and good body shops for their input. The body shop I have been using for 20 years just totalled out the owners classic 67 El Camino when it got caught in traffic and the underpass flooded. Broke his heart - he had owned it since new - but he said he was a realist and had chased restoration on too many flood victims to have false optimism.

I would look this over real hard before keeping the car. I notice someone is selling a 2.6 190E Special Edition Sportline with 73k miles for a little over $10,000 on this forum. 190e Factory Sportline . This might be an easier solution than chasing a flooding problem.

Hope it works out for you.

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