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If you get it unlatched, be very careful in folding it back down if you are unfamiliar with it. Rule 0: Don't force anything. There are some pretty good instructions with photos on this or another board. It's important to get the folds right or else the top or windows could be cut.

On the hardtop, the first time you do it, get THREE other people who are careful and follow directions to lift it off. My 560SL has scars behind the top where there were apparently not enough careful people the past to do the job.

Also, in my opinion, there is no safe way to store a hard top other than in a rack - either storebought or built yourself out of wood. The brightwork on the bottom under the rear side windows is extremely easy to bend if you lay it on the ground, carpeted, padded, or not (replacement parts: $200/side+, 2x more than a brand new storebought rack).
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