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Great discussion. Thank you all. I am running through the list of possible causes.

Last night I pulled the valve with screen (parts 77-79 on above diagram) and cleaned them with carb cleaner and compressed air. Still not working right...

The car seems to run properly with the choke pulled out. It also runs properly taking off up to about 2500 rpm, then I have to pull the choke out. With the choke out (fully engaged) it drives normally. The engine sounds strong and pulls the car without hesitation.

Next I took the tops off the carbs. The fuel cut-off valves seem to be working correctly and the float is positioned to allow bowls to fill before cutting off.

The carbs have already been tuned and synchonized. I can see both carbs squirting fuel, till they stop squirting fuel. It acts like it is running out of gas, like I have a flow problem.

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