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Originally Posted by tangofox007 View Post
By what measure did you determine that? Do you have the ability to determine that there has been no deformation to an installed part? (Some deformation occurs every time an interference-fit part is installed.)

Could you provide a picture of the generic press being used in such a way that is applies pressure to the ball joint flange? Every example that I have seen shows the press applying pressure to top of the housing in a way that is guaranteed to deform the part. The deformation may not be easily detected by the average shade tree mechanic, but it occurs nonetheless.

I have personally seen one ball joint that was completely loose (meaning that the ball flopped around in the socket) following installation with a generic press. That may have been an extreme case, but there is no doubt that some deformation occurs in any case.

I edited another pic Deliveryvalve sent me to blow up only the part of his pic I wanted.
Also I do not remember where he got the Press.
The thing is that when you use Generic Tools to do a job you nave to work with more care and have to make a decision if you want to take a chance on the tool or not.
If you see that the Generic Press is not pressing the Ball Joint in straight you have to stop before you cause dmage.
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