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Today I noticed that the radiator is seeping along the soldered section on top toward the middle. It's not bad, but could open up and start spraying with time. I cannot afford a recore or a new radiator at this time, so what can I do to get by for a little while? I am thinking JB Weld or the radiator repair kits that can be bought at the parts stores. I think I'll be fine for the usual drives to work, just no long trips for now. When I have the money I think I want to have it recored with the "new technology" and as thick as will fit. But, I may consider a new one if they are "new technology" and not too expensive.

I think I blew a valve cover gasket (that's right, valve cover gasket, not head gasket). The gasket is deformed, hardened, and split so now oil is leaking from it. At least it's leaking synthetic oil which seems to be cleaning the engine rather than gunking it up like conventional oil! I have a new gasket on the way along with spring washers and valve wrenches. I figure if I have the valve cover off I may as well adjust the valves while I'm at it since it has probably never been done since the rebuild. I will also check to make sure the head is properly torqued, because who knows if it was retorqued after the rebuild. I have a chance to buy a near NOS 1968 200D head as a spare for $150, and I would buy it if I wasn't so broke. The valve cover has a little corrosion on it which I will clean off with baking soda and vinegar (unless there is a better method). I was thinking of polishing the valve cover by hand with Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish to give it more of a shine; is there any reason why I shouldn't? I will lube the linkages on the valve cover top when I put it back on.

I topped off the tank with 7 gallons of B99 biodiesel. I noticed the cap was hard to get off and when I pulled off the cap I heard a long WHOOOOOOSH and saw the tank deforming quite a bit. I take it that it is not venting! I guess maybe there is a clog in the plastic venting doodad in the trunk.

The car seems to be accelerating a lot better since I've been driving it. I guess it does okay at 70 MPH (no need to go faster), I was just scared it was racing the engine too much.
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