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Originally Posted by rrgrassi View Post
I had to use a combo of the AZ press and a 10 ton press (located at work), since I did not have access to the proper tool. The proper tool was $90 last time I checked. Next time...I will buy the proper tool. IT took all freaking weekend to do the job. If I had the proper tool in the beginning, the hardest part would have been repacking the bearings.

The AZ tool would have been fine if, and its a BIG if, the AZ tool would have fit flush on the outer lip of the ball joint.

The $90 tool that you need to use with a Hydraulic Press is now a $99 tool; in the 1st pic and the other tool in the 2nd pic is over $300.
The $99 tool comes with a big punch to drive out the Ball Joint.
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