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Originally Posted by dannym View Post
I determine by the fact that I myself and numerous other people have used the Autozone press without damaging the joint.
Did you measure the "before" and "after" rotational torque of the joint? If you did not, you probably have no idea whether damage did or did not occur. That would suggest that you are just speculating.

Originally Posted by dannym View Post

You however base your comments on speculation since you yourself have never used the Autozone press.
Contrary to your speculation, I have used a generic ball joint press on numerous domestic vehicles for which it is appropriately suited. When I attempted to use one on my W123, it became immediately apparent that it was poorly suited to the task. It doesn't align the joint properly and it is impossible to use the sleeve adapters so that pressure is applied at the flange, as intended.

Originally Posted by dannym View Post
The bottom line is if your going to make a comment base it on facts not speculation.
Sometimes, you don't need to poke a sharp stick in your eye to conclude that it might not be a good idea.
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