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M103 timing chain and upper cover

I've been reading a lot of posts on this here. Got me a bit confused on wheter to change the chain or not. From what I've learned it seems that it is not necessary to replace it until it starts making noises on start-up, and not before 150k miles. Does this sound good?

What does a worn chain sound like? Can someone explain how to check for it and the sound it makes? And would it only show up when cold-starting, or always?

I have a small leak making a little puddle from the front of the engine. From what I found out this could be due to a leaking upper chain cover. The seal is cheap so I am considering replacing it. Someone mentioned a special paste/sealant to use on this to make it seal well. Anybody got a partnumber to order from Fastlane? And some instructions to go along on how to do this would be nice too.

I tried to find the timing chain replacment document on the W124 CD-ROM from MBUSA, but failed. Can anybody give me the correct document number? I had no problem finding it for my W126 though (05-1xx something in that case - can't find any 05-docs for the W124 though).

Thanks for any input!
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