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All 1993 300E's came with the M104 engine. If the badge says 300E 2.8, then obviously it's the 2.8 liter engine.

If the badge simply says '300E' then it's the 3.2 liter M104 engine. I don't know why MB didn't call this model 300E 3.2, 320E, or even E320. But then again, 92-93 400E's have the same 4.2 liter engine as 94-95's E420's.

Even though the 1993 300E didn't get the updated grill as in the 94-95 E-320's, it has all the interior upgrades as in 94-95 - the passenger side airbag, r134a a/c, center armrest with flip-up lid, etc. It also shares the same chasis #, VIN#, and engine #.
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