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W124 wagon window lifts - help please!

The driver's side rear window in my wife's wagon is broken. A few days ago, my wife and daughter heard a clanking noise when they closed the door. Last night, the window stopped going up all the would stop about 1.75 inches from the top.

As I was lowering/raising the window, trying to determine the obstruction, the window came off it's track. I pulled the door panel and found that the cables were no longer attached to the lifting mechanism. I also determined that lifter mechanism had malfunctioned and that it was causing the window to stop before getting to the top.

I figured out how to put it all back together, however, the cable appears to be about .25 to .5 inches too short. If I route the cables around the two pulleys, I don't have enough cable length to attach to the lifter. I can attach the cables to the lifter if I slip the cable off the lower pulley but then I don't have enough cable to get back around the pulley!

There must be some trick - anyone?

Glen Tokuhara
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